Author(s)                     : Qiye Kai Wen

Artist(s)                        :

Type                              : Web Novel

ALIH BAHASA            : Akino Shin    

So What If It’s an RPG World?


Hei? Mengapa ada sebuah HP Bar dan Title di atas kepalamu? Mengapa kau tahu sihir? Hei, mengapa ada orang mengayunkan pedang mereka padaku!? Apa yang salah dengan dunia ini? Mengapa begitu mirip seperti Game RPG!? HEI!!


Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, School Life, Seinen.





Chapter 1: This Violent Girl is Scary!

Chapter 2: Of Course, You Still Need to Complete Quests in an RPG

Chapter 3: There’s No Explanation on How to Leave the Village at All

Chapter 4: Why did I Encounter a Robbery the Moment I Went Outside? After a flash of light, I arrived at a rather spacious space

Chapter 5: Why Not Just Eat Whatever that is Already Served?

Chapter 6: Even After Entering the City, Difficulties Still Lie Ahead

Chapter 7: A World Which Only a Neet Will Understand

Chapter 8: Sometimes, Things Don’t Go as Planned

Chapter 9: A Magician Sure is Convenient

Chapter 10: Pioneering is a Painful Process

Chapter 11: As I Thought, Hierarchy and Stuffs are not Fun at All!

Chapter 12: King? Demon King?

Chapter 13: Completing a Main Quest Sure is Rewarding

Chapter 14: This Guy is a Chuuni Magician

Chapter 15: It Seems I can Learn any Magic

Chapter 16: Was this Dungeon Meant to be an Amusement Park?

Chapter 17: I Hate Entering Unexplored Dungeons

Chapter 18: Why Did This Change from a Comedy to an Action Series?

Chapter 19: It’s Obligatory for the Elder to Lead the Younger

Chapter 20: Even if it’s Sil**t Hill, I Still Need My Weapons, Right?

Chapter 21: There Should be an Exit in this Mysterious Hospital

Chapter 22: A Human Head was Stolen?

Chapter 23: Change in the World

Chapter 24: First Meeting with the School’s Strongest Trio

Chapter 25: With Money, People Will Even Sell You Love Potions

Chapter 26: Automatic Tracking is Still the Best

Chapter 27: If I Have Nothing to Offer, I Need to Work

Chapter 28: Even Though It’s Just an RPG World

volume 2

Chapter 1: The Start of a Happy Academy Life

Chapter 2: I’m Frustrated with School Life

Chapter 3: Lack of Main Quests? Side Quests May Make You Cry

Chapter 4: Princess Michelle

Chapter 5: Aliyah’s Return!

Chapter 6: Quarrel Between Kids are so Annoying

Chapter 7: I Accidentally… Dieds an RPG World?

Chapter 8: I Can’t Even Rest in Peace

Chapter 9: There’s No Point in Using Heals on Dead Targets

Chapter 10: It’s Tough to be Human

Chapter 11: Since I’m No Longer Human, I Feel Like I Lost My Human Rights

Chapter 12: To Get Stronger, I have to Grind Some Levels

Chapter 13: Even Though I Don’t Understand Her, She Seems Pretty Strong

Chapter 14: Everyone Has Their Own Dark History

Chapter 15: Entering the Forces of Evil

Chapter 16: The Saint Church and The Dark Mantle

Chapter 17: Happy Live Exercise

Chapter 18: Arcane Live Exercise

Chapter 19: Exploring in the Live Exercise

Chapter 20: Slow Travelling Live Exercise

Chapter 21: Dark Green Live Exercise

Chapter 22: EXP Grinding Live Exercise

Chapter 23 – 32

Chapter 33 – 37

Chapter 38 – 40

Volume 3

Part 1 – Reunion

Part 2 – Sweet Dreams

Part 3 –  Start of the Annual Tournament

Part 4 – It’s Not My Fault that I’m so Popular!

Part 5 – Electromagnetism

Part 6 – The Power of Science!

Part 7 – Infiltrating into the Library

Part 8 – Reality


Volume 4

Part 1 –  Ice Empire’ Tour

Part 2 – Abyssal Dungeon

Part 3.1 – Ice Abyss

Part 3.2 – Ice Abyss

Part 4 – Oyado

Part 5.1 – Smuu

Part 5.2 – Smuu

Part 6 – A Mercenary’s Life

Part 7 – Dolls and Shikigamis

Part 8.1 – Summoning Ritual

Part 8.2 – Summoning Ritual